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[Doc] Recording leaves in PROAD Sky

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 9:09 am
by morris.metschan
Recording leaves in PROAD Sky
Preparatory Work
Before you begin recording leaves, the leave entitlement of each employee must be recorded. This is done at [Master Data --> Employees --> Tab "Leave" --> sub-item "Leave entitlement"].

In the "Valid from" field enter the 01.01. of each year, in "Days" type the number of leaves per calendar year and choose the entry "Annual leave" in the "Type" field. Even if the employee has joined the company only during the current year, enter the full annual leave and an additional entry with type correction and date 01.01. while the number of days to be deducted are marked with a negative sign.

The employee's entitlement to annual leave is 28 days


Entry in the company on 01st July 20xx


At the turn of the year entries for subsequent years can automatically be created via a function in the program for all employees.

Recording, Applying for and Approval of Leaves
After logging on to PROAD click on the icon "Leave Request" Image on the start-up screen (if not present, contact your administrator to unlock).

Using the Request for leave widget
The Request for leaves widget opens in the sidebar. Now please register the desired leave here:


Note: The dates from – to can extend beyond a week. This is possible because working days and public holidays of the Agency can be preset.
The working days are taken into account the country in which the agency is based. The settings can be found at [Agency --> Countries --> Calendar settings --> The Working week and Holidays tab].

Important: Should an employee not work during the defined working days (normally Monday to Friday), but say for instance, only Tuesday to Thursday, then the leave application function must be run twice during a total period of 2 weeks and in each case, the 3 day period be requested separately.

The first and/or last day of a leave can also be defined as a half-day.

The name of the person with authority to approve the leave must be entered as the person accountable for the leave. The employee requesting the leave is automatically registered on the program.

Entries proposed for the type of leave, are defined at [Agency --> Service code] as Special service code "Holiday".
In the Subject field you can either enter a free text or select a pre-defined text.

Finally click the check mark-icon of the widget to save the entry, so that the leave application is registered in the system and applications put in by individual employees can be viewed and processed further.

Get your personal overview

The employee can now click on the icon "My Holidays" Image seen on the start-up screen and a report is created giving an overview of leaves that have already been taken, approved and applied for. The report can be printed out and forwarded to the authorized person to sign and approve the leave application.


Approve requests for leave
In order to now mark the requested leave in the system as approved, the relevant employee's record is opened using [Master data --> Employee] and changed over to the tab "Leave".
Based on the selected settings, all the leaves registered in the system are displayed in a list.


To approve a leave, select the entry in the list and click "Approve" from the function menu. In the window that opens you can enter an approval note if needed. The leave is then approved by clicking the check mark icon.

Create time registrations from requests for leave
Finally a time record entry can be created automatically for the selected entry in the list.


In order to create the time record entry, select the corresponding leave from the list and click "Transfer to time recording" in the Function menu. The period required for time recording is specified on the basis of the information left in the employee record stored under [Employees --> Tab "Prices" --> field "Hours/day"]. If there is no entry made, a default period of 8 hours for a day of leave is entered automatically for the time recording.

Note: You can also withdraw the approval for an entry. This is done by selecting the approved leave from the list and clicking the option "Withdraw approval" from the function menu. If this function is invoked, any time record entry created, will automatically be deleted.