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[Doc] Document browser

Postby Michael Schmiechen » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:08 am

• Available starting with release 5.0.132
• Document version: 5.0.132
• Available starting with account manager license type
• Module: Yes
• User rights: [Project --> Document browser]

The document browser is a global document list with cross-model search and filter options. You can search through offers, invoices, inquiries, orders and incoming invoices. In principle, the values are listed in the base currency grouped according to project and document. This means that, for example, a cross-project offer is listed multiple times, respectively for each project with the proportionate values of the corresponding items.

Structure of the document list

Available columns
In addition to information like the document number, document name, etc., columns are available for the debtor or creditor from the documents. Project information may be selected, such as the project manager and controlling structures including project group, product, etc.. Furthermore, information regarding invoice verification is available for incoming invoices.

Project-wide documents
With project-wide documents, one row is designated for each project; this means that the net values always represent the sum of all items from the respective project. This applies for incoming invoices at this point as well.

You can activate “Display grouped after 2nd column” in the list context menu (right click). The total values for the net, VAT, gross, internal service, external service and material as well as hours are available in the grouping row, provided these columns are displayed in the list. You can determine the order of the group totals through the order of the columns in the list. All values here are also in the base currency.

Document number
In order to be able to illustrate and search the different numbers from the document types better, the page number, the invoice number and other document numbers are summarised under a uniform document number field.

The functions can be used if you have selected a row in the list. Please remember that the user’s user group rights for the respective target dialogue and tab are considered here.

Open document editor
The document editor is opened here for all document types other than incoming invoices. If a document is not available, the standard template will be used and the document opened. Only the next function “Open document” is available for incoming invoices.
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