[Doku] Preferences Time Recording

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[Doku] Preferences Time Recording

Postby Marie-isabel » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:34 am

Agency/Settings/Time Logging
• Available from Advisor licence type

Limiting the job selection
A number of options are available if you want to limit the number of job selection results:
1. Job filter settings
o If you select the job filter checkbox, the types below it will be activated
o All selected Types are used in the selection, other job limitations such as cost accounting check are in addition to this
o Selecting Warning on a job type will result in a warning if you later select a job from this type.
2. Cost accounting check
o In PROAD you have the option of defining budgets on the basis of jobs/customers.
o The cost accounting check offers the following options:
 With the ‘Include’ option, only those jobs are shown for which the budget has still not been fully used for internal and external costs. If no budget was set for a certain job, the job will not be offered either.
 With the ‘Include if available’ option, a check is only carried out on the jobs for which a budget has been set.
 The ‘Do not include’ option switches off the cost accounting check.
3. Configure data rights for jobs
o Data rights for jobs are defined in the data rights dialogue to persons or user groups and affect logged-in users by default.
o The ‘Do not use job data rights’ option ensures that the data rights in the time logging dialogue and in the quick time logging of the sidebar are not used on the job selection component.

Complete time logging automatically
Time logging distinguishes between completed working days and un-completed working days. A completed day is a day in which the respective employee has done all the necessary time logging. Therefore no more should follow. There is a ‘Complete day’ button in the time logging dialogue for this. The ‘Complete time logging automatically’ option should help the user with the time logging. It offers the following options:
‘Daily target reached’ – switches the day to completed when the employee’s target hours figure has been reached or exceeded by the time log just entered.
‘At least 1 entry available’ – ignores the daily target and sets the day as completed as soon as an entry has been made for the day.
‘No automatic completion’ – switches off the support and the user must complete their days themselves.

Recording checks

By transferring employees/freelancers to the right list using the arrow buttons, you define that users can only record times in the time period set using the dropdown list. That means that when ‘current day’ is set, users can no longer record times for the previous day.

Time logging check

The following options are available for time logging checks:
• Show warning
• Force time logging
By transferring employees/freelancers to the right list using the arrow buttons, you define that when respective users log in, a check is carried out to establish whether times were logged in accordance with the time period set using the dropdown list. That means that if 1 day is set and the user has not logged any times the previous day, they will be notified of this when they log in. Either with a warning or in that they automatically arrive at the time logging dialogue and cannot leave it. So they are forced to enter a log.
Please note: Logging checks and time logging checks together can mean that the user is no longer able to work in PROAD because they have not fulfilled their time logging obligations.
Do not check bank holidays sets the system in such way that bank holidays defined by the agency country are excluded from the logging and time logging checks.