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[Doku] PROAD Sky: Team

Postby Marie-isabel » Mon Jul 20, 2015 12:17 pm

Master Data/Team
• Available from licence type Admin
There is a new dialogue under Master Data called ‘Team’.
It can be used to group employees and freelancers based on team structures. Employees/ freelancers can be defined as team leaders. Employees/freelancers can also be defined as members or team leaders in more than one team.
In the function menu, employees/freelancers in a selected team are shown in the employee/freelancer dialogue, if you have rights allowing you to view the employee/freelance dialogue.
With the ‘Available in planning’ setting, you define whether a team should be shown in dialogues related to planning. The new task manager is an example of this.
In every dialogue list there is a dropdown menu that covers the entries for:

• My
• My team
• My agency

This is where logged-in users are assigned to certain team(s) and, if applicable, set as team leaders. With these teams all members and team leaders are evaluated based on changes on the current list. Just as when ‘My’ is selected, after selection only the data set that was processed/produced by a person from associated teams is shown in the list. Data sets that were processed/produced by other persons are not shown.
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