Outstanding Costs

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Outstanding Costs

Postby Marie-isabel » Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:58 am

• Available from Bookkeeping licence type
• Call up via menu [Accounting→Outstanding Costs]
• User right:
o [Accounting →Outstanding Costs] →”No right” or “Visible”

The tool allows you to see which customer-related rechargeable and yet unbilled own work capitalised, third-party and material services are available within a certain period of time. This way, these can be evaluated and you can mark individual services as billed. Separate lists are thereby available to do this. The current status on semi-finished products in PROAD is thus available at any time and no services to be billed will be left out.

Overview of unbilled services
Clicking on the headings "Own work capitalised," "Material services" and
"Third-party services" displays separate dialogue lists that can be filtered as desired.
Regardless of the filter settings, services are only displayed in all lists whose status is "disclosed" or "manual."
Services for "Internal" or "New Business" type jobs are generally not displayed.

Origin of the Data
Own work capitalised:
This refers to time recording entries that have been marked as rechargeable and have not been imported for billing in a sales invoice. This is apparent in the dialogue [Job → Time recording] →Time recording when the columns “rc,” “Status” and “Billed in” are displayed.
Material services:
The same applies here, as described for own work capitalised. This refers to submissions from the field [Job → Time recording] → Material.
Third-party services:
This refers to booked purchase invoices or cash payments whose positions were not imported for settlement in an outgoing invoice or were not yet marked as "billed manually" within the position.

Manually billing positions in the “Outstanding Costs” dialogue
To mark positions as billed, select the desired positions by clicking on them in the list. Several positions can also be selected directly.

In the upper part of the dialogue, a billing date is now displayed in the "Date" field and billing information in the "Billed in" field (e.g. the sales invoice number that the positions were billed in).
Subsequently open the function menu and select the "Bill manually" function.

The selected positions with the "manual" status are now marked as billed.
The billing information is displayed accordingly in the list and in the individual entry dialogues for times, materials, incoming invoices and cash journal postings.

Additional functions
• To release positions with the "manual" status, just select the respective positions from the list and apply the "Release positions" function from the function menu.
• Depending on the list field – i.e. own work capitalised, material services or third-party services – the following entries are available in the function menu at a marked position
o "Open time recording"
o "Open material entry"
o "Open invoice"
These functions let you switch directly to the entry dialogue in order to, for example, enter more detailed information on the selected position or to add anything in the comments section.
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