Serial invoices

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Serial invoices

Postby Marie-isabel » Mon Mar 23, 2015 11:54 am

• Available with the license type "Accountant" onwards

Serial invoices are recurring sales invoices.
To create serial invoices we need a job with an approved offer with at least one item.
The numbering for invoices must be set to automatic numbering mode. With the manual numbering mode, sales invoices cannot be generated and posted automatically. You can then create invoicing modalities in a job, but the "Serial invoices" dialog will not open.
Step 1: Create a quote
Open the Job dialog and go to the tab page Quote. Create a quote, if you do not already have one. You can release the offer using the menu functions.
Make changes in the list of items. Here you can add all those items that subsequently need to appear in the final invoice. You must create at least one item, because only deals with a net sum greater than 0.00 can be settled.
All the conditions are now met and we can fill in the invoicing modalities.
Step 2: Enter invoicing modalities
Go to the invoicing modalities tab in the Job dialog. Here you can now create the settings for a serial invoice.
Set the invoicing modality to "offer". The option "none" clears all fields and thus ends the serial invoicing for this job.
The rotation determines the frequency with which the serial invoices are payable. There, you can set the cycle of rotation as
• Monthly
• Quarterly
• Half-yearly
• Yearly
Here, you can also set whether the amount is determined completely or on a pro rata basis:
• Monthly 1/12
• Quarterly 1/4
• Half-yearly 1/2
Document template
You must select an invoice template here so that subsequent sales invoices can be created directly.
This setting allows you to use an offer as a source for producing the sales invoices. All the approved offers having a net value greater than 0.00 are displayed.
If the offer you have just created does not appear in the list of choices invoke the Update function in the functions menu.
Total amount of the offer
The net total amount of the offer is displayed for you to get a quick overview.
Period total
Depending on the set cycle of rotation the relevant amount of the period is displayed.
Cut-off Date
Here you need to specify the day of the month on which the invoices are to be created. If you enter the 31st as the cut-off date, then for months with less than 31 days the last day of the respective month (e.g. 28. February) will be taken into consideration.
Next Due Date
The next due date will be set by the booking process. During the posting the next due date is determined on the basis of the last invoice date, the selected cycle and the cut-off date specified.
The next due date can also be changed manually. If you enter the invoicing modalities and wish to generate the first invoice in the future, you can enter a "first" due date over here. This does not have to be the cut-off date, but can be placed on a different day.
Step 3: Create Serial invoice
Open the dialog [Accounting Serial invoice].

If you have correctly entered the invoicing modalities, the job with the offer yet to be invoiced appears in the list.
The list will appear empty if you have entered a future date in the invoicing modalities. In this case, you can change the cut-off date.
The list displays all the data due on the cut-off date. Thus the jobs for which the next invoice is ready before the cut-off date are displayed.
Jobs with status "invoiced" or "cancelled" are no longer proposed for serial invoicing.
This list is a dialog list. This means that you can set the filter and the display and also manage as favourites.

Here a few new columns can be used:

• Period total The Period total is determined from the net total amount of the offer considering the rotation cycle.
• Number of non-invoiced periods: Based on the previous invoice and considering the cycle it would be determined how many invoices are possible on the cut-off date.
• Total amount of the non-invoiced periods: The amount displayed here is worked out as the product of the number and the period total. So you have the total amount that can be calculated.

In the functions menu we have two functions for the processing of the serial invoices.
Open document: With this function you jump to the Job-offers dialog of the selected record.
Create Invoice: With this function, you can create the sales invoice. The offer along with all the items is copied from the invoicing modalities into a sales invoice.
If you have set the cycle as monthly (1/12), quarterly (1/4) or half-yearly (1/2), the amounts will be calculated on a pro rata basis. Otherwise the total amounts are quoted in full on the sales invoice.
The invoice is created, stored and booked. Then, using the stored document template a corresponding document is created and opened. You can now make changes to the document if required and print it out.
When you create the sales invoices the system may cause some rounding errors. These rounding errors are not corrected.
Total amount to be settled = 199.50 Euros. If you invoice this amount (as shown in the screenshots) 12 times each with 16.63 Euro, the sum of these amounts turns out to be 199.56 Euro.
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