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Attendance times

Postby Marie-isabel » Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:44 am

• Available with the license type "Timekeeper" onwards
• User right:
o [User Name  My Account]  Is permitted to edit attendance times of others

Starting 01/01/2015 all Timekeepers who fall in the national minimum wage category will have to document their attendance to meet the current statutory regulations (Minimum wage law, Ordinance on Minimum Wage documentation).

Recording using Stopwatch
In the sidebar beneath the area for time recording you will find a Play button using which you can start and stop your presence. Please note that this functionality is not linked to the time recorder.

When the recording is started, an icon of a small clock is seen to the left side of the button and the Play button changes over to a Pause button.

If you now click the recording is stopped (e.g. if you take a break). The time recording can be continued (after the break) by clicking the Play button once again. If the recording is not continued, then your attendance on the PROAD system for this day is assumed to be over.
Based on the periods of attendance recorded, PROAD automatically calculates the total duration of the breaks taken.

Recording and amending via dialog
The dialog [Tools  attendance time] is used to manually record and edit entries.

You can use the dialog list to export the entries (with appropriate user rights) as a .csv-file or as a report.
• When making a new entry, the fields including “From (date)”, “Person”, “Started at (time)”, “Completed at (time)” and “Duration (hours/minutes)” can be entered directly.
• The date and the person of an entry can only be changed when making a new entry. Both are mandatory fields.
• Entries of the current day cannot be edited.
• No data can be recorded for days in the future.
• Only the entries in the past can be deleted.
• The duration of the break may not exceed the total time of attendance.

• Earliest start time: 00:00 hrs
• Latest End Time: 23:59 hrs
• If the recording is not completed prior to logging out of PROAD, then it continues running in the background. The recording can be stopped again after the next login (same day). If you are not logging in again until the next day, then the recording ends at 23:59 pm of the previous day.
• For attendances spanning across midnight to the next day to be recorded using stopwatch, you must remain logged in to PROAD over midnight. It will then record periods for day 1 (up to 23:59 hrs) and day 2 (starting at 00:00 hrs) separately.

Kind regards

Marie-Isabel Gramlich
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