[Doc] Duplicating tasks and appointments

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[Doc] Duplicating tasks and appointments

Postby Michael Schmiechen » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:22 am

• Available starting with release 5.0.144
• Document version: 5.0.144
• Available starting with license type: Time Recorder Plus
• User right: dependent on the right [Project > To-do], the function is available starting with the “Add” dialogue right.


You can now use the new “Duplicate” function for tasks and appointments. This makes it possible to reproduce a task/appointment through a daily, weekly or monthly pattern based on a certain quantity or up to a certain date. While duplicating tasks, the work from the “source” task can also be distributed to the created tasks.

A maximum of 99 duplicates can be generated with the function.

The from-date of each duplicate is adjusted accordingly. Any existing time frame between the from and to date will remain in the duplicates as well.

The generated duplicates will be displayed in the dialogue list after they have been reproduced.


General Information
This option can be called up through the function menu in the To-do main dialogue or in the To-do tab dialogues. The function is always available for only one task or one appointment. If multiple tasks or appointments are selected, the function cannot be used.

For the same day

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The from and to date period remains the same for this option. Time frames also do not necessarily have to be defined here. Here you have the possibility to set the number of duplicates. The option to distribute work is also available here.

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  • With the “Daily” option, you can repeat the duplicates in a daily rhythm. You can set the distance between duplicates in days or every workday.
  • The duplicates are created in the specified interval when using the “Every X day(s)” setting. Duplicate can also be created for Sundays and holidays.
  • With the “Every work day” option, duplicates are only generated on the days defined as work days under [Agency --> Countries].
  • Next you have to enter the start date and how long the duplicates should be entered.
  • The first date to receive a duplicate is entered in “Begin”.
  • With “End after x duplicates”, you have the possibility to create a certain number of duplicates. With the “End on” variation, you enter the date up to which the duplicates should be generated. However, no more than 99 duplicates may be generated here.
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  • With the weekly interval, you have more control over the days on which duplicates are created.
  • You can enter the interval in weeks with the “Every X week(s)” option. For example, if a duplicate should only be created every 14 days.
  • You can also specify the weekdays on which appointments should be created.
  • As with the daily duplicates, you enter the start and end days of the copies here.
Enter the earliest start date at “Begin”. If you only want to create duplicates on Mondays, the current date is Monday, 03.04.2017 and you entered the begin date as 04.04.2017, the copy will first start on 10.04.2017.

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  • Another procedure to generate duplicates of appointments and tasks is the monthly repetition.
  • First you have to set the interval. You enter on which days in the month a duplicate should be created and in which monthly interval. If you enter a number greater than 28 for the day and the month has fewer days than specified (for example, February), the last day of the month will be entered as the respective date.
  • You can also influence the start date. You have the following variations for this:
o first day
o second day
o third day
o fourth day
o last day
• Furthermore, you can also decide if this is the first
o day
o work day
o Monday .. Sunday
and if there should be a monthly interval.

Distribute work
With the “Divide work to all tasks” option, you can evenly distribute the planned and remaining work from the source task to all of the tasks to be created (including the source task). This function is not available for appointments. Planned and remaining work are distributed separately. The created duplicates are not assigned to a responsible person.

When dividing the work, the generated duplicates and the source task are observed together and the work from the source task is distributed evenly.

Employee Max has a task on 03.04 with 20 hours of planned and remaining work. We now create 9 duplicates for this task through the “Duplicate” function with the “For the same day” option. This results in 10 tasks (1 source + 9 duplicates).

The planned and remaining work for all tasks (source + duplicates) is now at 2 hours each. All tasks are still due on 03.04. The 9 duplicates are not assigned to a responsible person. The source task remains with Max.
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