Best practise working with PROAD and Word

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Best practise working with PROAD and Word

Postby Michael Schmiechen » Thu Nov 29, 2012 8:17 am

- All of the commands using the interface between PROAD and Word work in both directions. But on some occasions we have experienced that the channel back from Word to PROAD is not as stable as the opposite direction. Because of this fact please always use PROAD to save, close or refresh the documents. A job briefing can be closed via the buttons on the document tab page of the job.

- Please don't open more than one document from PROAD. If working with other documents "outside" from PROAD, please close those documents first before open documents in PROAD.

- Another important point when working on PROAD documents is to save first the document. If there is trouble with the interface, it will most likely happen during the saving/creation process. If this works in the beginning it will most likely work later as well.

- Last important point: What release are you using? The current release is 7.10a (File/PROAD Info/Release). Please download the latest version from our website or contact customer support.

We hope this helps!
Michael Schmiechen

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