How to enable Word 2010 to communicate with PROAD

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Ulrich Koch

How to enable Word 2010 to communicate with PROAD

Postby Ulrich Koch » Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:34 pm

PROAD and Word 2010

PROAD is the only agency software which provides a 100% integration of Microsoft Word.

To ensure the smooth cooperation of both applications you have to make sure that some settings are done.

Please follow these easy to do steps:

- Click on File

- Click on Options

- Select Trustcenter

- Select Trust Center Settings

- Select Trustful Locations

How to define a new Trustful Location

In the window which is open now please select 'Add a New Location'.

The path you have to type in equals the PROAD Omnis path you will find under File/Proad Info/Path.

It could look like this: C:\Programs\PROADClient_USER\proadlocal\

Please make sure that the subfolders of your proadlocal folder are marked as trustful locations as well.