How to import a new PROAD licence key

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Ulrich Koch

How to import a new PROAD licence key

Postby Ulrich Koch » Thu Aug 16, 2012 2:58 pm

When do you need to import a new key?

=> You got a trial key for a new add in from us

=> You bought a new add in for your PROAD system

=> The time stamp of an existing key ran out

Their might be somee more reasons to create a new PROAD license key for you.

The key will be send attached to an e-mail and will always be a zipped text file.

To import it, please follow these steps:

=> Unpack the new PROAD license key file to your local hard disk.

=> Logon to PROAD by using the ADMIN account (User: ADMIN) resp. the PROADADMIN (User: PROADADMIN). Only with these users it is possible to import the key!

=> Go to: Agency > Admin > License Management

=> Please open now the key file you unpacked before by clicking the Import button.

=> Everything is done by now and PROAD logs you off automatically. Please log in with your standard user account again.

=> Now please make sure that under File/User Rights the profiles which should have access to the (new) function do have the menu item available.