How to import a PROAD Patch file

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Ulrich Koch

How to import a PROAD Patch file

Postby Ulrich Koch » Wed Aug 15, 2012 2:17 pm

We use Patch files to fix and repair smaller issues on your database

Examples: By using a Patch file we can reset stati or unlock datasets in the system.

How to run a Patch file:
  • - Please make sure that all users did exit PROAD. To check this, please log in as an ADMIN and go under Agency / Admin / Users logged in.

    - Afterwords please create a backup of your database (seee post 'Creating a backup of your database').

    - Please unpack the .zip file provided by the PROAD support (it contains the 'real' patch file) and run it by selecting Agency / Admin / Utilities / Database / „Perform patch file". Patch files do always have the extension .sql.

    - After the Patch file has been performed succesfully, please check the relevant feature in PROAD!