Creating a backup of your database

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Ulrich Koch

Creating a backup of your database

Postby Ulrich Koch » Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:53 pm

Every time there is a malfunction which can't be fixed with a standard patch, we need a backup of your database

PROAD provides a feature for a quick and easy backup creation.

To create a backup just follow these easy to understand steps:

• Please log in as an Administrator in PROAD.

• Under the menu item Agency/ADMIN/Utilities/Database please select the option 'Create a compressed backup of your database'.

• When the backup is done, please make sure that the backup files have been written to the designated path.
The directory under which you should find the backup files usually is located on your PROAD server (folder Frontbase/Backups).

• Please compress each of the two files (we only can process compressed files).

• Now you have to upload the both .zip files on your personal extranet account. Don't have your access data available? Please contact the J + D Support:

• If one or both of the files > 50 MB, please use the upload option via your standard FTP tool (the same access information as your extranet account).

• When the upload of the .zip files is done, please let us know - thank you very much.

As soon as our R & D department came to a result regarding your issues, we will get in contact with you to solve the problem immediately.