[Doc] Connect Word 2016 "version 15.41" for Mac with PROAD

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[Doc] Connect Word 2016 "version 15.41" for Mac with PROAD

Postby Peter Hesse » Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:00 am

Prerequisite is the PROAD Professional Release 8.30xx

With the Office 2016/365 Update in January 2018 Microsoft switched to 64 Bit on the Mac side and the PROAD interface won't work any longer with the "Word 2016 version 16.xxx" (Word > Info).

In the meantime, Microsoft is aware of the fact, that many Mac users still need the old version, so they released an instruction on how to get back to the older version of "Word 2016 version 15.41":
https://support.office.com/en-us/articl ... 9000d3d20f

If Word 2016 version 15.41 is installed and can be started without a problem (this is a crucial step!!), then you only need a few steps in PROAD to get the interface work.

- From the server > JDPublic/PROAD Client Install/Mac folder, copy the “proad-menu-en.zip” in to the users “documents“ folder an unpack it there (not on the server!). You can also download it with this link:
https://extranet.jd-ag.com/directlink.p ... a865d01235

- Start PROAD, it needs the Mac users PROAD credentials to login

- PROAD > File > PROAD Info > Path: delete anything that is in the four “Word” paths (line 3 to 6). It could be that all four paths are filled, could be all empty already. How to delete: highlight one line and press the small bin icon, top left of this window. Save it with “OK”.

- Go into > Jobs > Jobs and click on “Search” to open one job, it doesn’t matter which one you take.

- Switch to “Document” tab page, click in “new document” and choose the type “Quote” and then highlight in the list “empty document” and click on create.

- PROAD will now ask for the “Word script folder” within a finder window. Please link to the Documents/PROAD Menu/scripts folder (first of this instruction).

- The next PROAD message is about “Quit Word”, “Start Word”, switch back to PROAD and THEN click on OK.

- That’s it! You can close this test document via PROAD, don’t save and try it with a template.