Release Notes PROAD Professional Version 7.08

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Release Notes PROAD Professional Version 7.08

Postby Michael Schmiechen » Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:40 pm

PROAD Professional 7.0 Release 7.08i


(Documents - Calculation) You can now import a quote (calculation, display area) with its display settings into an empty calculation of an outgoing invoice. (#07055)
(Utilities (Admin)) New utility available which can be used to set all open purchase orders as controlled. (#07116)
*(CRM - Export Data) A new SQL Browser is now available. You can use it to create, edit and run queries. (#07057)
*(Extended Time and material registration) New feature Preferred Service Codes now available. Setup can be found in menu File / PROAD Info / Window manager / Options. Please setup the appropriate user rights first (Jobs/Time and Material rec.). (#07052)
*(Get External E-Mails) It is now possible to add IMAP accounts directly in PROAD. Only our E-Mail functionality is supported. Note: Gmail accounts are currently not supported. (#06678)
*(Planning tool - Task templates) New feature Task Templates now available within the task window, job window sidebar and client window. Please contact our customer care for more information. (#06913, #07028, #07238)
*(Reporting) Excel export functionality available for reports Joblist, Job Target/Actual Comparison, Job Profitability, Client Profitability, Time Cost, Account Book. (#07554)
*(Reporting) Excel export functionality available for reports Consolidated Job Profitability, Agency Target/Actual Comparison and Monthly Overview. (#07245)

(Budget) Budgets could not be saved if special characters have been used in variant names. (#07562)
(Budget) Column Currency could not be displayed. (#06998)
(Budget) Function Get Prices did not work correctly with individual client selling prices. (#06104)
(Budget) Cursor focus always switched to your first item if you used the tab key to jump over the column Category when editing service codes that can be used with different categories. (#06942)
(Cash-out) Fixed problems with creating new cash-outs. (#07363)
(Contacts) The company name will now be displayed within contact window if you create a new contact using the New Contact function from within the company window tab page Contacts. (#07281)
(Companies) Fixed an issue with deleting companies. (#07160, #07422)
(Cost centres) Fixed a misbehaviour which led to a wrong message when closing the window. (#07133)
(Documents - Calculation) The total block within the calculation showed incorrect figures for Service Fees. (#07049, #07510)
(Documents - Calculation) Fixed misbehaviour within the calculation if entry fields have not been left properly. (#07100)
(Documents - Calculation) Corrected a false error message that could appear after entering a service code and then transferring this item into the display area directly after that, without leaving the field Amount first. (#07283)
(Documents - Calculation) In some cases documents could not be saved if items have been added manually. (#06830)
(Documents - Media) Mac: Fixed behaviour of PROAD freezing while refreshing Media Purchase orders. (#07578) (Documents - Media) Individual VAT and origin of companies has not been loaded correctly when creating media documents. (#06757)
(Documents - Properties) The exchange rate always set itself to value 1.00000 after opening up an already posted sales invoice (foreign country). (#07044)
(Documents - Properties) Inactive suppliers have been displayed in the purchase orders list of recipients (#07108)
(Documents - Properties) Fields Discount Date and Due Date have not been calculated correctly under certain circumstances. (#07280)
(Documents - Save/Close) Changes could be posted without saving them first. (#06932)
(Documents - Save/Close) Corrected a faulty error message that appeared after saving/posting an already posted sales invoice. (#07119)
(Documents - Word) Replaced an error message that appeared while checking your local Word version. (#06914)
(Documents - Word) Fixed display problem of quotation marks contained in job names when using Mac Word 2008 or 2011. (#07033)
(Documents - Word) Fixed translation problem of Word menus when using Word in a Terminalserver environment. (#07117)
(Documents - Word) Fixed translation problems of column headers in word value table. (#07190)
(Documents - Word) Mac Word 2008/2011: The location of the Word Script Menu Items folder had been changed with one of the last Microsoft Office Updates. This problem has been fixed with the latest Office Update by Microsoft. Please update your Office installation to version 14.2.2 (Word 2011) or 12.3.3 (Word 2008). You can now also choose the correct location within the PROAD Info window.
Please see for more information.
If you should have any trouble with this issue, please contact our customer support for help. (#07319)
(Installation) Fixed several problems with handling of user folders that could appear when using the PROAD Client as a network/server installation (#06941)
(Job briefing) Field Technical Data could not be set when editing the job briefing template. (#06935)
(Payments) Special characters have not been exported when using electronic banking. (#06897)
(Purchase invoices) It could happen that changing an item would lead to wrong calculation of totals. (#06919)
(PROAD Info) Changed interface for options of Preferred Service Codes. Options are now independent of feature Telephony. (#07423, #07483)
(Prospects) - Function Copy to new dataset does now work again. (#06782)
(Reporting - Account book) Invoice details were not shown when selecting Unmatched Invoices. (#07500)
(Reporting - Client profitability) Option Without Work in progress has not been displayed in report header if selected. (#06720)
(Reporting - Contacts and Birthday list) Fixed wrong date format in report window. (#07495)
(Reporting - Single Items) Fixed errors when purchase order positions have been controlled against several purchase invoice positions or with several order positions. (#07364)
(Reports - Job list) Option One Client did not work if the selected client did not have a company name. (#06985)
(Service code groups) You could not save service code groups which description contained a special character. (#07124)
(Time and material registration) The correct Preferred Service Codes will now be offered when using Drag and Drop on a jobnumber from the tray. (#07609)
(Time and material registration) Error messages could come up when using agency option Budget control with setting Always To Be Considered. (#06810)
*(CRM) In some cases the toolbar would become inactive, despite having displayed an active dataset within the window. (#07161)
*(CRM) Fixed a problem with adding or editing short names or company names containing special characters. (#07075)
*(CRM) Print function (via button in toolbar) did not work (#07053)
*(CRM - Excel Import) Fixed minor problems with import log file. (#06413)
*(Documents - Campaign Charger) Invoices could not be posted, if a remark field contained more than 300 characters. (#07580)
*(Documents - Campaign Charger) Corrected an error message that appeared when starting the campaign charger after the default template has been deleted. (#06943)
*(Documents - Media) Individual VAT setting and origin of companies has not been loaded correctly when creating media documents. (#06757)
*(Extended time and material registration) Fixed unclear message text of a message within the Extended Time And Material Registration. (#06307)
*(Extended time and material registration) Field Service code has been jumped when leaving field Job Number using the tab key. (#07185)
*(Get External E-Mails) Fixed problems with opening files that have been attached using Apple Mail with IMAP accounts. (#06044)
*(Get External E-Mails) Fixed problems with connection to Outlook (Mac/Win) and Exchange accounts, too. (#06824, #06984)
*(Jobs - Media) Checkbox Media-Job could not be edited if creating a new job to a media client from within the client window, tab page Jobs. (#07069)
*(Jobs - Multiple estimate acceptance) Some settings of display options from document templates have been ignored when creating the word documents. (#06858)
*(Jobs - Quote Browser) Unapproved quotes have not been selected in some cases. (#07605)
*(PDF Import) Added a security question when deleting attachments. (#07494)
*(Report - External cost) No data has been found if selecting a freelancer in field Manager. (#07227)
*(Reporting - Agency Target / Actual Comparison) When selecting a product with option Time cost and by Delivery date of job, all products have been selected instead. (#07509)
*(Reporting - Consolidated Job Profitability) If you selected only a project, but no product, this selection would be ignored when using options Grouped By Clients or Grouped By Holding. (#06904)
*(Reporting - Cost Center Matrix) Fixed rounding problems in column totals of the second matrix. (#07135)
*(Reporting - Cost Center Matrix) Fixed a problem with the calculation of 2nd and 3rd matrix. (#07058)
*(Reporting - Cost Center Matrix) Sorting issue within the 4th matrix has been fixed. (#07068)
*(Reporting - Cost Center Matrix) Changed report names and added display of selected period. Also problems caused by time registration have been fixed. (#06974)
*(Reporting - Forecast) Column headers were missing when using option Delivery Date From Budget (#07048)
*(Reporting - Income and Target/Actual Comparison) Actual values of jobs without product assignment have not been selected when using option By Offering. (#07512)
*(Reporting - Time recording overview) Team names would always be displayed as 0 if using selection by teams. (#07104)
*(Reporting - Time recording overview) Fixed display problem with the footer when using option Short. (#06879)
*(Reporting - Work in progress) Time costs have not been differentiated correctly when selecting by purchase prices combined with selection by invoice date. (#07277)
*(Reporting - Work in progress) Invoice date of sales invoices has been selected wrong when using option By invoice date. (#06831)
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