Webinar “Efficient Agency control with PROAD” from 25/08/11

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Webinar “Efficient Agency control with PROAD” from 25/08/11

Postby Michael Schmiechen » Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:12 am

This webinar is all about efficient control of all workflow with PROAD.
Basically this online workshop covers the complete job workflow. You will see a lot things you probably already know and do every day but we will also show you other functions which you might want to implement in the near future.
• The headlines are:
• The start of the job
• The budgeting and quoting process
• Project Management and task management.
• Costing
• Budget Control
• Invoicing/Invoicing options
• Reporting
• Profitability reports
• Forecast reports
• Time reports
• Accounts integration

Direct download and streaming link:
https://proad-uk.webex.com/proad-uk/lsr ... 9f59a1a1ca

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